Sadhu Sundar Singh: “At the Master’s Feet” Part 3 (Chapter 1, section 2)

Sadhu Sundar Singh

For this week’s lesson, we offer section 2 of Chapter 1:

As you listen, here are questions to consider:

1)  In this portion of the vision, the Master explains that there are various ways by which God has manifested himself to humanity.  These include the Incarnation, love of God, love of neighbor, Holy Scripture, and the book of nature.  Each of these has a benefit and each can have a draw back.  What benefits and drawbacks do you find for each of these from the Sadhu’s recitation and from your own experience?

2)  For those of us in community (whether monastic or a neighborhood), Sundar offers a poignant insight into love of neighbor: “This also I have said, ‘Love thy neighbor as thyself.’ Now although in a sense all men are neighbors one of another, yet the reference is especially to those who habitually live near each other, for it is an easy matter to live at peace with one who is near at hand for a few days only, even though he be unfriendly; but in the case of one who has his dwelling near you, and day by day is the cause of trouble to you, it is most difficult to bear with him, and love him as yourself.  But when you have conquered in this great struggle it will be more easy to love all others as yourself.”

Who in your life, either now or in the past, would fall in to this category?  What are practical ways to love such a person as God commands?  For whom in someone else’s life do you fall into this category?

3)  Bonus question for those with more theological training:  When Sundar uses the analogy of the Sun, heat, and light to try to explain the relationship of the Trinity, he verges on the ancient heresy of modalism.  Do you think that he does?  How would you respond to him?  What analogy would you use to help illustrate the relationship of the Trinity?

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