Sadhu Sundar Singh: “At the Master’s Feet” Part 1

Sadhu Sundar Singh

God’s Peace and blessings to you all!  Our next lesson series will be drawing from the mystical visions of the Indian Anglican mystic Sadhu Sundar Singh.  His first published work from 1922 was titled “At the Master’s Feet.”  It covers a series of questions and answers between the disciple (Sundar) and the Master (Christ), covering matters of sin, heaven and hell, and the nature of the soul and existence.

We invite you to listen each week to these portions of the Sadhu’s earliest work and then discuss, either here or with friends in your own worshiping community, the questions that follow.  And most of all, we hope you enjoy a voice from another part of our world wide communion.  God’s Peace.

Brief biography of Sadhu Sundar Singh

Title and Preface


Questions to consider:

1) How do you expect God to show up in your life?  Where have you perhaps missed God because of your previous expectations?

2) Like so many stories of the Desert Fathers and Mothers, Sundar is not taken in by the devil, despite his eloquence and praise.  Where in your life have you followed the desire and pleasure of praise and notoriety at the cost of God’s true call?

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