The Faces of God: God the Mother

This week we begin to explore God as Mother.  First we will pay attention to scriptural references in both the Old and New Testaments of God as either a woman or specifically a mother, then we can begin to explore what images of a mother figure we have from our own lives.  Finally, we can begin to ask how these images may be appropriate or not for our own understanding of God.  Again, you are invited to journal on your own or share your insights here in the comment section.  God’s Peace!

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1 Response to The Faces of God: God the Mother

  1. Interesting how The Rublev Trinity icon depicts the three figures from Genesis (some say in reference to the Trinity) with feminine faces. I see in Jesus a marked feminine side; often he demonstrated remarkable tenderness, not generally associated with masculinity. Seems to me “God” becomes for us what we need at different times on the Journey; that is, God as concept is in process for us. Since language shapes and mirrors Consciousness, I have found using the feminine in prayer to be transformative. Finally, interesting that the Divine in the Old Testament/Hebrew Scriptures is often attributed with compassion; yet, that word Rachamim, speaks of the wombish affection a mother has for her child: like to the tenderness a mother would have for the infant in her womb. This is lost in all English renditions I have read.

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