Prayers for those in Egypt

This evening at our Mother House, we will be offering a Trisagion Prayer Service for those affected by the violence in Egypt.  Below is the most up to date list of churches that have been burned, attacked, or threatened that I have been able to put together from various resources around the internet.  Each of these we will pray for by name this evening.  While we cannot be there in person to help protect, it is our hope that those in Egpyt affected by this violence can draw stength and courage from knowing that their plight does not go unheard and that their Christian brothers and sisters across the globe are with them in prayer.

For those that cannot be with us in person, I ask that you set aside time to pray for these churches and all those affected by the recent unrest in Egypt.

Holy God, Holy and Mighty, Holy Immortal One,
Have mercy upon us.

Let us pray for those who lead the faith:

Egypt’s Grand Imam, Sheik Ahmed el-Tayeb

Coptic Pope, Tawaros II

Coptic Catholic Patriarch Ibrahim Isaac Sidrak

Anglican Bishop Mouneer Anis

Let us pray for those that were killed after the dispersal of the sit-ins. 

Let us pray for those Christian Institutions that have been burned, attacked, or threatened:

Father Maximus Church, Alexandria

St.  George Church, Alexandria

St. George Church, Arish

Good Shepherds Monastery, Assiut

Archangel Michael Church, Assiut

St. George Coptic Orthodox Church, Assiut

Al-Eslah Church, Assiut

Adventist Church, Assiut

St. Therese Church, Assiut

Apostles Church, Assiut

Holy Revival Church, Assiut

Diocese of Qusiya (homes and shops attacked), Assiut

St. John’s Church, Assiut

Coptic Orthodox Diocese in Assiut

Al-Mahraq Monastery, Assiut

Franciscan School in Beni Suef (especially for Sisters Manal, Abeer, and Demiana)

Franciscan Convent of the Sister of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Beni Suef

St. George Church, Beni Suef

St. Fatima Basillica, Cairo

Virgin Mary’s Church, Cairo

St. George Church, Cairo

Convent of the Sisters of St. Mary, Cairo

St. Mary Church, Fayoum

St. Damiana Church, Fayoum

Amir Tawadros Church, Fayoum

Evangelical Church, Fayoum

Church of Joseph, Fayoum

Franciscan School, Fayoum

Diocese of St. Paul in Gharbiya

St. George Church, Gharbiya

Al Malak Church, Gharbiya

Diocese of Atfeeh, Giza

Archangel Michael Church, Giza

Church of the Virgin Mary, Giza

Church of St. Anthony, Giza

Catholic Church, Minya

Anglican Church of Minawi, Minya

Church of the Virgin Mary, Minya

Father Abram Monastery, Minya

St. Mina Church, Minya

Baptist Church, Minya

Jesuit Fathers Church, Minya

St. Mark Church, Minya

St. Joseph Convent, Minya

Amir Tadros Church, Minya

Evangelical Church, Minya

Anba Moussa al-Aswad Church, Minya

Apostles Church, Minya

Salvation of the Souls Church, Minya

St. John’s Church, Minya

Diocese of Mallawi, Minya

St. Mary Church, Minya

Evangelical Church in Malawi, Minya

St. Mary’s Church, Qena

St. George Church, Sohag

St. Damiana Church, Sohag

Church of the Virgin Mary, Sohag

St. Mark Church and Community Center, Sohag

Anba Abram Church, Sohag

Abu Halqa Church of Tahta, Sohag

St. Saviours Anglican Church, Suez

Franciscan Church and School, Suez

Holy Shepherd Monastery and Hospital, Suez

Good Shepherd Church, Suez

Greek Orthodox Church, Suez

Coptic Secondary School for Boys, Minya

House of Fr. Angelos, Minya

Coptic homes, properties, and markets in Assiut

Coptic Homes in Minya

YMCA, Minya

Offices of the Evangelica Foundation and Oum al-Nour, Minya

Coptic shops and hotels in Luxor

Church owned Dahabeya Nile Boat, Minya

Bible Society Bookstore, Cairo

Bible Society, Fayoum

Bible Society, Assiut

Coptic shops in Ezbet el Nekhl

Soldiers of Christ Orphanage, Minya

Good Shepherd School, Minya

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